Marketplace for Certificate of Deposit, Automotive EPR, and SDG Credits

What is DigiELV?

DigiELV is MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India) authorized online platform for trading Certificate of Deposit (CD) facilitating price determination for various CD categories. DigiELV enables participants to negotiate and trade certificates across all categories of vehicles and is seamlessly integrated with the VAHAN platform. DigiELV also generates and issues transfer certificates instantly to the buyers.


Marketplace for Mobility Credits & Incentives

Marketplace for Mobility Credits & Incentives.2

Certificate of Deposit - Buy, Sell, and Utilize Certificate of Deposits to avail tax benefits under the Vehicle Scrappage Policy.

Marketplace for Mobility Credits & Incentives1

EPR Certificate - Assess EPR obligations, Sell or Buy EPR credits to fulfill your EPR Obligations.

Marketplace for Mobility Credits & Incentives2

SDG Credits - Retire SDG Credits to meet your voluntary goals and disclosure requirements.

Benefits of DigiELV

Why DigiELV?

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