The need for carbon offsetting


OEMs often source materials and components globally, leading to a multi-tiered supply chain, making it challenging to track emissions accurately.


With mounting concerns over climate change and environmental degradation, there is an urgent demand for carbon offsetting solutions. These industries contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, exacerbating global warming and threatening ecosystems worldwide.


Without proactive measures to mitigate their environmental impact, these industries risk facing regulatory penalties, reputational damage, and disruptions to operations.


Problem While carbon offsetting allows organizations to invest in emission reduction projects, it can lead to reliance on offsets rather than direct emission reductions, potentially undermining genuine sustainability efforts and failing to address the root causes of carbon emissions.
Carbon offsetting solutions from MMCM

Carbon offsetting solutions from MMCM

Meta Materials Circular Markets is dedicated to promoting carbon footprint offsetting through its pioneering advancement in the Indian automobile circularity market. Generated through the operations of scrapping end-of-life vehicles, MMCM generates high-quality, totally traceable carbon-offsetting products that are greenwashing and double-counting proof. When you buy MMCM’s carbon-offsetting products, you are not just offsetting your own carbon footprint, but are also helping reduce high-emission unfit vehicles from roads, hence leading to a double positive impact.

MMCM's carbon-offsetting products

ELV Carbon Credits

ELV Carbon Credits

ELV Credits

Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

ELV Credits

Why choose MMCM's carbon offsetting products?

Traceability and

MMCM’s carbon-offsetting products are traceable to scrapped ELV, providing transparency and accountability throughout the process. This level of detail is often lacking in traditional carbon credit schemes, where the origin and impact of credits may be less clear.

Support for Circular

By purchasing MMCM’s carbon-offsetting products, you offset your carbon footprint and support recycling 10 million End-Of-Life Vehicles in India, reducing public safety risks and environmental impact, and promoting a greener, more sustainable Earth.

Boost to organized and ethical vehicle scrapping

Unauthorized scrappers dominate 99.9% of India’s market, harming the environment and public health. By purchasing MMCM’s carbon-offsetting products, you support a shift to organized, ethical vehicle scrapping, promoting safety, sustainability, and reducing health risks.


MMCM and DOVU to boost India's eco-friendly car recycling initiative.

Creating digital ecosystems for eco-friendly vehicle scrapping and material reuse.

Bringing efficiency and scale to sustainability markets

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